“This experience started out with questions and just a general lack of knowledge about the real estate market and selling a house for the first time. From the moment we met Karen we knew she was someone who would get the job done. This turned out to be true, however, the experience was so much better than we could have ever imagined. Karen explained everything in detail and provided answers to questions that we did not even know to ask. She was consistently professional, accurate in the information that she provided, and always efficient and courteous. She always responded in a timely manner, whether it was via text, email, or phone. The true measure of how amazing Karen is at her job came when we ran into issues that no one could have predicted. Karen and her entire team went above and beyond to find resolution to each and every one of them. As each circumstance came up she thoroughly explained them, the ramifications of different outcomes, and the best possible option for each one. By the time we closed on our house, Karen had truly reminded me that there are still genuinely GOOD people in this world who really care. I would recommend Karen to any and everyone looking to sell a home. She was truly a God send to me and my family under seemingly impossible circumstances. She made it work!!! We just love her.”